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More terrifying than Hannibal, and every word is true. Terrifying and chilling…true crime at its best!

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CHRISTOPHER BERRY-DEE. Investigative criminologist, worlds No. 1 true crime author, Times bestseller, Former HM Royal Marines ‘Green Beret’ Commando, direct descendant of Dr John DEE, Court Astrologer to Queen Elizabeth I, Christopher’s genealogy goes back over 750 years to Roderick the Great, Prince of Wales. Christopher is entitled to use his ancestor’s coat-of-arms.


After Asst Chief Constable Ron Stone QPM, Essex Police, Christopher became ownerand Editor-in-Chief of The Criminologist – the worlds most respected and oldest journal (at 49-years) – on matters concerning: law enforcement; penology; forensic psychiatry/psychology; penal reform; the judiciary, and all matters under the criminology masthead. He was appointed as Director of ‘The Criminology Research Institute’ (CRI) in 2005.

Writer of some 36 separate book titles listed with Public Lending Right (PLR), published by W.H. Allen, Virgin Books and long time loyal friend and publisher John Blake (London) and now also Blake/Bonnier Christopher’s books are translated into numerous languages around the world.

Christopher frequently appears on numerous TV documentaries as a leading authority on serial homicide. He was co-producer/interviewer for the acclaimed 12-part documentary series ‘The Serial Killers’, still being screened today and has consulted on the cases of: Fred and Rose West; Ian Brady and Myra Hindley, and Dr Harold Shipman in the TwoFour produced TV series ‘Born to Kill’, which accompanied another of Christopher’s books.

Talking with Serial Killers by Christopher Berry-Dee
Talking with Serial Killers Worlds Most Evil by Christopher Berry-Dee
Monster by Aileen Wuornos
Talking with Female Serial Killers by Christopher Berry-Dee

He has worked with numerous news agencies to include in the UK The Mail and The Mail on Sunday, concerning exposes on Frederick West, and the English serial killer John Martin Scripps x 4 plus murders (hanged, Singapore), with Christopher exclusive APTV’s international news coverage of the execution (which Christopher witnessed) screened worldwide. During the Scripps investigation Christopher worked closely with HM Customs and Excise Special Investigations and the Singapore police and he was solely responsible for tracking down a large amount of cocaine hidden by this British killer - which would have secured Scripps’s execution in any event.

A few of Christopher’s notable book successes include:

Monster – the book that formatted the movie by the same name starring Charlize Theron concerning US serial killer, Aileen ‘Lee’ Carol Wuornos – since executed in Florida.

Dad Help me Please – concerning the tragic case of Derek Bentley who was hanged for a murder he did not commit. The book was turned into the movie ‘Let Him have It’, starring Christopher Ecclestone. As the result of this book, a Home Secretary gave Bentley a posthumous pardon. This book became No. 4 in the Best Seller List and the abridged version featured in The Readers Digest Book of the Year.

Talking with Serial Killers – published in 2003, translated into 8 languages is today the world’s best selling true crime book in its genre with over 1.5 million sold – sometimes re-wrapped the meter still ticking.

‘He’s a Brit and he’s nuts. I’ve been working homicide for twenty

years but he even scares the crap outta me.’

Irish blood, hard-nosed Detective Russell J. Kruger, Chief Investigator, Minneapolis PD - on the Harvey Louis ‘The Hammer’ Carignan serial killer case.

Notable Law Enforcement successes include these few examples in the US and elsewhere through interviews/interrogation:

Acknowledged by the New York State Police, Crystal Run PD and FBI in clearing up the old case homicides of: schoolgirl Paula Perrera, aged 16, (Crystal Run, NY) and student Dzung Ngoc Tu, aged 25, at Cornell University - Offender Michael Bruce Ross x 8 homicides plus, was executed at Somers Prison, Connecticut, on 13 May 2005

Acknowledged by the Rochester PD and FBI in clearing up the cold case homicides of: Kimberly Logan, aged 30, (Rochester, NY), and Jack Blake, aged 10, (Watertown, NY). Offender Arthur John Shawcross x at least 11 victims died of natural causes while serving a 250-year sentence without parole on 10 November 2008.

Acknowledged by the US Marshal’s Service, the Bell County Sheriff’s Dept and US States Attorney’s Office, Waco, Texas, as instrumental in the finding of body dumping sites of several victims: namely Brenda Thompson, a prostitute, whose mother had spent years digging up everywhere so she could to find her daughter so she could give her a decent burial – Kenneth Allen McDuff was executed by lethal injection at ‘The Walls’ prison, Huntsville, TX, on 17 November 1998.

Acknowledged by the State of Florida in obtaining written and oral confessions from David Alan Gore, during which he detailed the terrible atrocities he committed upon his female victims and which led to fast-tracking his execution by lethal injection on 12 April 2012.

Christopher Berry-Dee with Michael Ross

Amongst other cold case matters still ongoing as of January 2019 (thus protectively restricted), in the UK, Christopher has consulted with SOII, MetPol, and Buckingham Palace Road Police Station. DI Stuart Ault and DCI Jim Dickie on the Suzy Lamplugh case. With Detective Inspector Bryan Saunders, DC Ian Gibson and Detective Superintendent Tim Bryan with the Avon & Somerset Constabulary, in relation to the murder of Shirley Banks. (Both LAMPLUGH and BANKS related to John David Guise Cannan – now serving life.)

He has extensively lectured on his given subject to law enforcement and elsewhere to include the prestigious Oxford Union where he appeared between lectures given by former US President of the United States Bill Clinton and the now convicted killer O. J. Simpson.

Christopher has worked with law agencies in Russia where he gained exclusive access to many of the country’s most dangerous male and female killers. He is an honorary 3-Star Colonel with the elite Spetznaz (awarded Buzuluk, Orenburgskaya Oblast, 2005) and continues to enjoy excellent relations with the St. Petersburg State Police and other Russian Federation law enforcement agencies. Christopher, at great risk to his own personal safety travelled alone several times to the Russian Federation and using his unique undercover skills infiltrated Russian Mafia to secure the first International Arrest Warrants against two Russian nationals (Mafia) for extradition to the US.

Cold Cases. Current projects in the US -include the triple Rochester, New York, cold- case homicides of three schoolgirls, dubbed ‘The Alphabet Murders’.

All of Chris’s books can be found and purchased through all leading bookstores and online.

No nightmares please.

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