Christopher has interviewed some thirty serial killers and mass-killers. Here are just a few notable quotes from serial killers either face-to-face or in correspondence to be found in his books


Arthur John Shawcross
Arthur John Shawcross

‘I hacked the ****** outa the frozen body of June Cicero, thawed it under my car heater, ate the flesh and threw the bone outa the window. Then I went to Dunkin Donuts and chewed the fat with the dumb cops.’

Arthur John Shawcross aka ‘The Monster of the Rivers’: at interview with the author, Sullivan Correctional Facility,

New York, September 1994.

John Martin Scripps
John Martin Scripps

‘They won’t hang me. I’m British.’

John Martin Scripps: Changi Prison, Singapore: at interview with the author the Monday before his hanging on 19 April 1996.

Harvey Carignan

‘The guy’s the fuckin’ Devil. They should have fried him years ago, period, an’they would have queued up to pull the switch. When he was dead, they should have driven a stake through his heart and buried him, digging him up again a week later to ram another stake in, just to make sure he was fuckin’ dead.’

Russell J. Kruger, Chief Investigator, Minneapolis PD: to the author at interview on Harvey Carignan.

‘I know where you live. You have a beautiful wife and two daughters and drive a silver Mercedes. Yes, Chris, I got friends on the outside who look after me!’

Harvey Louis ‘The Hammer’ aka ‘The Want-ad Killer’: to the author at interview, Minnesota Correctional Facility, 1996.

Harvey Carignan
Michael Bruce Ross
Michael Bruce Ross
Michael Bruce Ross and Christopher Berry-Dee

‘There was nothing they could have said or done. They were dead as soon as  I saw them. I used them. I abused them then I killed them. I treated them like so much garbage. What more do you want me to fuckin’ say?’

Michael Bruce Ross aka ‘The Roadside Strangler’: to the author at interview, Death Row, Somers Prison, CT, 26 September 1994.

Ronald DeFeo

‘I’ve been waiting for two hours for you. Who’d ya think I am?  I got better things to do.’

Ronald DeFeo’s aka ‘The Amityville Horror’ less-than-welcoming greeting to the author, 23 September 1994, Green Have Correctional Facility, Stormville, New York.

Aileen Wuornos

‘I’ve got respect for myself. Always did have. Weird, right?’

Aileen ‘Lee’ Wuornos: in correspondence with the author.

Killing a woman’s like killing a chicken. They both squawk!

Kenneth Allen McDuff: at interview with the author,

Death Row, Ellis Unit, Huntsville, TX, 1995.

Kenneth Allen McDuff
Douglas Daniel Clark
Douglas Daniel Clark

‘I used to be a good-looking guy, ya know. But, see what they done to me in here. My hair is falling out, my teeth are rotten and still they want to kill me. Still we all gotta fuckin die some time. I’ve outlived the judge, the prosecutors; its just they’re killing an innocent man.

‘They say I chopped her head off [Exxie Wilson] froze it. Made it up like a Barbie Doll then used it for oral sex.

How’d the fuck do ya get your dick into a frozen mouth – go on ya’ll tell me?’

Douglas Daniel Clark aka ‘The Sunset Slayer’: at interview, San Quentin State  Prison, 1995.

Henry Lee Lucas

They says I done kilt over fifty people, but I ain’t done kilt anyone. My sister kilt my mom but she won’t admit it coz she’s dead coz I kilt her too.’

Serial killer Henry Lee Lucas: to the author, Death Row,

Ellis Unit, Huntsville, TX, 1996.

Joanne Dennehy
Joanne Dennehy

‘Killing you would be good for me.’

Serial killer Joanne Dennehy: to the author.

‘Christopher, you are certainly pushing her [Dennehy’s] buttons.’

DCI Martin Brunning, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire Major Crime Unit - Email to the author, 2014.

‘Christopher, have you just crapped in your pants?’

TV documentary maker, Frazer Ashford: to the author who was wearing a white suit on the ferry to Alcatraz and who sat on a slatted seat covered with Albatross shit (big birds are Albatross). Had to strip off and wash the trousers in a public toilet sink and dry them under an electric hand dryer much to everyone’s mirth including other visitors to ‘The Rock’.


With tens-of-thousands of loyal fans worldwide, this literary master with no equals, over the decades Christopher has developed a completely new style of true crime writing – he doesn’t talk to his readers, he takes them with him on a journey into the dark abyss of sexually sadistic homicide and lets you experience the horrors for yourselves.

Some good times, some deadly serious times all splattered with blood and gore yet buckets full of black humour thrown in to lighten the load.

No nightmares please!