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Pigging out in El Nido, Palawan
The day we met in the smoking area Park Lane International Hotel, Cebu.
Note the T-shirt.

EULOGY for PETER ‘PETE’ ALDRED (1963-2020)


Christopher Berry-Dee

One the finest guys one could ever meet, PETE was one of the most generous, heart-of- gold guys and a fabulous party animal too, and did we ever Rock & Roll – oh bro, yes we did!

Pete and I met at the Park Lane International Hotel in Cebu, Philippines – a country and peoples we love so much. Thereafter, this Bitcoin wizard, business entrepreneur, a co-author with me, this brilliant loveable, heavily tattooed, full of life giant we became fabulous friends.

Apart from the Philippines and his charity work there, Pete loved the High-Life, he adored the girls, his Vodka & Coke, the finest food, his cigarettes. He loved Turkey, so his longtime buddy there, Murat Harman, and our American web designer, Luke Thompson, miss Pete very much too.

He was ‘Uncle Pete’ to my young son, Jack – video-chatting online about football, fast cars, and never ever without a big smile and cheeky eyes, during his last few years his health started to fail.

As stubborn as a mule, against everyone’s advice he refused to get hospital treatment still partying and filling his boots to the very end when he suffered a heart attack in a Manila hotel – his partner, Simone, by his side.

I still keep Pete’s profile up on my Facebook – his last chats with me just hours before his passing are still there, and in so many ways you are here my dear friend.

Pete lived the exotic Philippine Dream. He truly believed Life was Eternal, so looking down he will be chuffed that through him I met Luke Thompson, and in this respect his legacy goes on and on with this web site now devoted in his memory.

The photos are from my collection.



Pete with one of his 'fans'
Never without a cigarette.
The book we wrote together.
Me and Pete :)
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