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Chris' New Book is Out Now

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Talking With Serial Killers By Christopher Berry-Dee

Christopher Berry-Dee is the man who talks to serial killers. A world-renowned investigative criminologist, he has gained the trust of murderers across the world, entered their high security prisons, and discussed in detail their shocking crimes. The killers' pursuit of horror and violence is described through the unique audiotape and videotape interviews which Berry-Dee conducted, deep inside the bowels of some of the world's toughest prisons.


Christopher Berry-Dee has collated these interviews into this astounding, disturbing book, which, since its first publication, has gone on to become a True Crime classic. Not only does he describe his meetings with some of the world's most evil men and women, he also reproduces, verbatim, their very words as they describe their crimes, allowing the reader a glimpse into the inner workings of the people who have committed the worst crime possible- to mercilessly take the life of another human being.

Talking with Serial Killers

Talking with Psychopaths and Savages: A Journey into the evil mind

By Christopher Berry-Dee

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Criminologist Christopher Berry-Dee takes readers deep inside the dark minds of some of the most pitiless and dangerous people alive. Having spent years interviewing imprisoned criminals, including notorious serial killers, he discovered that the lack of remorse they showed was in many ways more terrifying than the crimes they had committed. Yet in the course of these conversations, the author also had the chance to interview his subjects' psychiatrists and, in doing so, uncovered a terrible truth: a monster can be hidden behind a friendly face.


Some of these experts, he found, proved to have more in common with their patients than he would ever have expected. This book examines horrific crimes committed by some of the most remorseless and merciless people ever to have lived. If it reveals a mindset wholly alien to most people, it also, shockingly, demonstrates that some of the people who treat these psychopaths have their own demons. 


Talking with Psychopaths will inevitably shift the reader's view of psychopaths, and in doing so, reveals that horror can be much closer to us than we think. Subjects include JR Robinson, Kenneth Allen McDuff, Arthur Shawcross, Kenneth Bianchi, Michael Bruce Ross, Melanie McGuire, and more.

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Talking With Serial Killers: World's Most Evil

Journey Deeper Into The Darkest of Minds

By Christopher Berry-Dee

Christopher Berry-Dee is back. In Talking With Serial Killers: World's Most Evil, the bestselling author delves deeper still into the gloomy underworld of killers and their crimes. He examines, with shocking detail and clarity, the lives and lies of people who have killed, and shines a light on the motives behind their horrific crimes.

Through interviews with the killers, the police and key members of the prosecution, alongside careful analysis of the cases themselves, the reader is given unprecedented insight into the most diabolical minds that humanity has to offer.

Extending its sweep from lonesome outsiders to upstanding members of the community, Talking With Serial Killers: World's Most Evil shows that the world's most monstrous killers may be far closer than you think…

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Psychopaths: Up Close and Personal:

Inside the Minds of Sociopaths, Serial Killers and Deranged Murderers

By Christopher Berry-Dee


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Hear from doctors, lawyers, relatives, and psychopaths themselves to see what makes killers tick.

"I have a nut ball...he's a real one-off...He's got a woman's breast in his jacket pocket, for Christ's sake."
—Phone call about Wayne Adam Ford, "The Killer with a Conscience"

"The depravity of this murder simply shocks the conscience of this court. One who callously destroys a family to accomplish her own selfish ends must face the most severe consequences that the law can provide."
—Sentencing statement for Melanie McGuire, "The Ice Queen"

"I felt nothin'! ...There was nothing going through my mind until they were already dead...I mean, it was like watching it [on TV]."
—Michael Bruce Ross

"Killing a broad doesn't make any difference to me. Killing ANY FUCKIN' BODY doesn't make any difference to me."
—Kenneth Bianchi, "The Hillside Strangler"

Female Serial Killers: Up Close and Personal:
Inside the Minds of Revenge Killers, Sexual Predators, Black Widows and Angels of Death
By Christopher Berry-Dee

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Hear from Detectives, Ex-Husbands, Victims and Lady Killers Themselves to Understand Why They Snapped

“Don’t be fooled by me. Don’t be fooled by the face that I wear for I wear a thousand masks; masks that I’m afraid to take off and none of them are me. Pretending is an art that is second nature to me but do not be fooled. For God’s sake don’t be fooled.”
―Judy Buenoano, shortly before her death row execution

“I fell to the ground but the attack continued. I was just waiting for it to stop. There was loads and loads of blood. As I lay there, I thought, this is where I am going to die.”
―John Rogers to a trial jury, describing an attack by Joanna Dennehy

“I’m a good person inside, but when I get drunk, I just don’t know...I’ve got nothing to lose...What am I supposed to do?...It was all their fault and that’s the God’s honest truth.”
―Aileen “Lee” Carol Wuornos, inspiration for the 2003 film Monster

“She said, ‘You’d never believe about some of the things we are doing at the nursing home.’ I knew things were out of control.”
―Ken Wood, estranged husband of “Lethal Lover” Cathy May Wood

“[They] left my mother in such a distorted, dismembered and ashened state that she was identifiable only by her dental record. My life has been ripped apart at the seams...”
―Steve White, son of Virginia Susan Caudill’s murder victim

Born Killers: Childhood Secrets of the World's Deadliest Serial Killers

By Christopher Berry-Dee

It's an age-old question: is it nature or nurture? Can there really be a 'demon seed' that causes serial killers to act the way they do? Or is it an unfortunate combination of influences and events during their formative years that has turned them into such monsters? But no matter how many people they have killed, no matter how many lives they have ruined and whatever the nature of their sickening crimes, serial killers are still human.


Analysing the early years of the lives of men like Jeffrey Dahmer, who abused and killed 17 young men, offers a fascinating insight into the effects of a dysfunctional or abusive childhood. Criminologists Christopher Berry-Dee and Steven Morris have spoken and corresponded with killers all over the world in a quest to discover what made them the way they are.


For the first time, the inner workings of the minds of the most destructive individuals on the planet are revealed in shocking detail. Born Killers shows, through a sophisticated system of psychological profiling, how the potential serial killer develops. Read it and you too may be able to spot the signs...

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Talking With Serial Killers 2:

The World's Most Evil Killers Tell Their Stories

By Christopher Berry-Dee

Christopher Berry-Dean is the man who talks to serial killers. He has penetrated their minds and gained their trust to produce one stomach-churningly compulsive selection of tales already, and his unique collection of audiotape and videotape interviews has been collated into another disturbing book. Not only does he describe the circumstances of his meeting with some of the world's most evil men, he also reproduces, verbatim, their very words as they describe their crimes. This book is a fascinating glimpse into the world's worst of the worst and will be required reading for anyone interested in the inner workings of the sickest minds, as well as for fans of Berry-Dee's work.


Love of Blood: The True Story of Notorious Serial Killer Joanne Dennehy

By Christopher Berry-Dee

In March 2013, Joanne Dennehy stabbed three Peterborough men to death within the space of a few days. One was her landlord, Kevin Lee. Dennehy and her sidekick, Gary Stretch, put the body into a wheelie bin and dumped his corpse in a ditch close to White Post Road in the Parish of Newborough. Lukasz Slaboszewski and John Chapman were stabbed to death and disposed of in a farmland ditch several miles away. She then attempted to murder two other men. Jo Dennehy is unique, for she now ranks alongside Myra Hindley and Rosemary West as one of the most heinous female serial killers in British criminal history. This book has been written with the full cooperation of the police involved in the case, and many of those who knew Joanne Dennehy and her victims.

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