Christopher Berry-Dee interviews the deadly DEATH ROW Douglas Daniel Clark aka THE SUNSET STRIP SLAYERat San Quentin State Prison, (SQ). Chris is seen coming through the door at the beginning. Doug was mad as hell.

The Reid Technique:

Basically is based on mind control. Rather than confrontational, more 'buddy-buddy' approach, this leads the suspect into a trap. This interview is a master class example. Watch the officer slowly take this sexual psychopaths mind apart.

To Catch a Killer:

John Wayne Gacy

Chris got to know this sadosexual serial killer well. He made a TV documentary about 'The Killer Clown' and was given a beautiful presentation mug by the Sea Plaines PD. This movie focuses on Gacy's psychopathology rather than the gruesome murders. Brian Dennehy gets as close to Gacy as anyone can. A MUST WATCH...all the other movies on Gacy are trashy.

Fantastic police interview of killer Lee Rodarte. Great interrogation psychology here

A brilliant example of US judge explaining a 20-year prison term to Black Widow in killer contract for hire case.

One of the best examples ever of how to catch a serial killer. Sherlock Holmes eat your heart out!

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