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f I were to name one of the most steadfast criminologists, it would be Christopher Berry-Dee. A man who devoted a really large chunk of his life to exploring and documenting the essence of evil. Hundreds of interviews, many hours and even days of conversations with the most disgusting types have resulted in the creation of a series of books dedicated to criminal enthusiasts. After talking to serial killers and murderers, it's time for psychopaths.




The darkest ones, hiding in the abyss of evil, waiting for the next victim. At first I thought Berry-Dee was joking when he said in the introduction that the book was not for the faint of heart. With a pinch of salt, I also approached the warning in the style of "this is not reading to the pillow". Two things turned out to be true. First, the author actually has a sense of humor, which makes it easier for us to endure the violence dosed in the book. Secondly, his latest work is much better to read during the day. The most depressing thing about the stories in the publication is that they really happened. Reading fiction differently, perceiving the truth differently. Some of the above-mentioned cases may fill you with fear, horror or disgust. The scale of the atrocities psychopaths are capable of seems limitless. So who are the most terrible, dangerous and depraved criminals? The directory of names is so extensive that it could easily take the size of a telephone directory. It is impossible to cover all the dark heroes of human dramas.




Christopher Berry-Dee, however, rose to the occasion by carefully selecting the profiles of psychopathic murderers. Thus, we obtained a cross-section of all kinds of deviants flowing in the mainstream pathology. With finesse he combined criminological theories with practice, making the book not a collection of dry scientific facts, but an exciting journey into the minds of psychopaths. We learn how serial killers act, what is the driving force behind their actions and why, despite their evil deeds, they find their "crime fans". The issues raised by Christopher are an ideal starting point for discussions about crimes and punishments, criminal profiling or the role of public opinion in the context of the expectations of fair trials and sentences. In order to understand the psyche of psychopathic murderers, one has to enter their world, look at the surroundings through their glasses. It is quite a challenge and an effort that not everyone is able to undertake. The greater the respect for the author for the courage to follow the difficult, winding, dark path. It would seem, what it is, a face-to-face encounter with a murderer. Believe me, this is an extremely difficult game against a dangerous opponent. Take a look at the pages of the latest book by Christopher and you will learn the truth about the fate of the victims who were in the wrong place and time. About people who have been deprived of their dignity, freedom, hope and life. Everyone dies at the hands of the murderers, regardless of their age or gender. Do the killers allow their emotions to speak during the attack, or is there a moment for reflection after the murderous frenzy? Are psychopathic sex killers still an important issue that we all face?




"Conversations with psychopaths. In the Abyss of Evil ”is a record of conversations with the worst scum, the most repugnant and cruel to the victims serial killers. Why should we get to know their profiles, why do we need this knowledge? Perhaps not to make the mistakes of those who have lost the fight against psychopaths? That the evil tentacles used by criminals so efficiently never reach anyone again. A world without evil would be beautiful, but we know that a world without evil does not exist, even in fairy tales and fairy tales. Although many years have passed since the crimes described in Christopher's book, they still resonate with their own echo. It seems that both the perpetrators and the victims have become an inherent part of the history of forensics, a grim tale of death, suffering and despair. Let us be careful and attentive, let us not fall into paranoia, but let us have eyes around our head. They say that if a psychopath takes you at gunpoint, it's over for you. He will not let go, he will patiently wait, follow and watch. It will lurk and attack. Whether or not this is really the case, there are no ways to protect yourself from psychopaths. Look for the answers on the pages of the book "Conversations with psychopaths. In the abyss of evil.



Happy days

Anna Ruszczyk

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